Sex Witch. Pleasure Devotee. Intuitive Educator.

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Hi — I’m Gwen.


I’m a sex educator, a tarot reader, and a sexuality and spirituality consultant.  I teach people how to engage with their sensuality, honor their intuition, and embrace sexuality and spirituality as integral aspects of life.

I believe that education on sexuality and spirituality, the most raw and vulnerable concepts for many folks, shouldn’t have to be shameful or scary.  My services, spanning from group workshops to one-on-one readings and consults, provide a safer space for folks of all identities to learn, ask questions, and receive the education they never had.

My Style:

Approachable: From my training as a pleasure-positive and kink-affirming sex educator, I cultivate a non-judgmental and safer space in group and private sessions.  I frame all aspects of education with curiosity and openness, encouraging folks of all identities to deconstruct societal standards and personalize their pleasure.

Authentic: I am not a “love and light” kind of witch.  In my intuitive and educational services, I don’t sugar-coat or bullshit.  I embrace the shadow as well as the light, and I help my clients to see the value in each.  I will always give it to you straight, and I will always provide you with options to help you problem-solve.  Your autonomy is my priority.

Academic: While my subject matter is undoubtedly “woo-woo,” my approach is grounded in academia and research.  I love the intuitive and fluid nature of sexuality and spirituality, and I also love the clinically-proven benefits of connecting to those aspects of ourselves.  You might hear me geek out about neuroscience, trauma healing, and somatics; but you’ll never hear me spiritual bypass.  I have a BA in Women and Gender Studies with a minor in Holistic and Integrative Health, I’m currently taking classes in psychology and public health, and I am applying for a Fulbright to study Sexology in Australia.  Needless to say, I am always learning, and I want to provide that same educational excitement and value to my community.

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